Grease containment system

Grease Containment System

Grease catchers, Grease Boxes, Grease Traps, and Grease Gutters

These systems are all designed for roof grease containment and we guarantee the lowest price on these items.


Hood Filters

Stainless Steel, Galvanized, Aluminum

Hood filter is the first layer of protection in any restaurant's grease containment and exhaust ventilation system. All operating kitchens must utilize commercial hood filters that meet the regulations of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Exhaust fan

Exhaust Fans

Upblast, Downblast, Utility Sets

We have a variety of exhaust fans including Upblast Exhaust Fan, Food Truck Exhaust Fan, Exhaust Fan Utility Sets & Downblast Exhaust Fan.


Exhaust Fan Hinge Kit

Standard, Heavy Duty, Quick-fit, Custom

A reliable exhaust fan hinge kit is an ideal addition to promote a more thorough cleaning and inspection.