Exhaust Fan Hinge Kit

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Home Exhaust Fan Hinge Kit
Home Exhaust Fan Hinge Kit

An exhaust fan hinge kit is a key factor for cleaning and maintenance your restaurant and commercial kitchen fan ensuring your ductwork is being cleaned properly by your local hood cleaning company without damaging your exhaust fan, electric wiring, and rooftop. Fan hinges are made of heavy-duty steel to last for years and to support the weight of any fan.


  1. It is NFPA Fire code required
  2. Insurance companies are now requiring hinge kits on fans because it decreases liability
  3. Hinge kits ensure your ductwork is being cleaned properly without damaging your exhaust system
  4. Hinge kits will prevent your electric wiring from being torn out by routine cleaning and servicing
  5. Hinge Kits will prevent your exhaust fan from being dented during routine cleaning and servicing
  6. Hinge kits are an investment to save your restaurant money