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A hood filter is necessary and required for any commercial restaurant kitchen to operate smoothly, safely and efficiently. The hood filter is the first layer of protection in any restaurant's grease containment and exhaust ventilation system. All operating kitchens must utilize commercial hood filters that meet the regulations of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

There are many UL Listed and NFPA compliant options for restaurant hood filter replacement. AddinStock.com offers standard-duty and heavy-duty vent hood filters made with either galvanized steel, stainless steel or even aluminum.

Hood filters capture airborne grease, smoke, steam, heat, odors, and other substances that are produced during cooking under the hood. Without the proper hood filter, your kitchen will be filled with airborne particles you don’t want your staff breathing! The vent hood filter also blocks flames and flammable debris from entering into your ductwork system, preventing a major fire hazard. By having a more efficient and durable exhaust hood filter from AddinStock.com, you will benefit from a cleaner, safer kitchen.

It is important to consider more than just regulations when choosing the best vent hood filter for your restaurant kitchen, as there are many different types of filters that can help keep your operation running effortlessly.


how to measure hood filter

How to measure Hood Filters?

Hold the filter so that the baffles (ridges) run vertically from top to bottom like in the photo. The "height" side runs parallel to the baffles from top to bottom, while the "width" side is the left-to-right measurement.

Filter measurements are commonly listed in nominal sizing, meaning measurements are slightly rounded up to the nearest whole number. Exact measurements of the filters are approximately 1/2" smaller in size.

If you are replacing filters, you can begin by measuring the hood filters you currently have. A baffle filter’s size is always expressed with the height first. When measuring, round up to the next half-inch. So, a filter that measures 19.5 inches high and 15.5 inches wide is considered a 20 by 16 filter.