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Rooftop Grease Containment System are products designed to suit high discharge fans applications, finding the perfect solution for high discharge, medium or low grease removal device solution can save you thousands of dollars!

Rooftop grease containment solutions including grease guard, grease gutter, exhaust fan grease box, kitchen hood grease trap, gutter high capacity system. In addition, an efficient grease absorbing pads can help to keep your rooftop grease-free.

Grease Guard Rooftop Defense Systems - are built around rooftop exhaust equipment to properly collect and contain discharged fats, oils, greases, and chemicals. This prevents those pollutants from becoming fuel to a fire, causing slips and fall accidents, damaging sensitive roof membranes, harming the environment

The Grease Box™ is designed to be low impact and blend cosmetically with exhaust systems.  The unique enclosed box design allows this box to be 100% weather-proof and windproof. The Grease Box™ Grease Pillows use the Fill-More™ line of Grease Pillows.

Grease Trap - Driploc - is designed to collect grease utilizing a filter system allowing water (rainwater & dirty-greasy water from vent hood cleaners during the hood cleaning service) to flow through the filter while encapsulation the grease from the exhaust fan. Driploc filter needs to be changed during regularly scheduled hood cleanings.

The capacity system is designed in 6 different options:

Low Volume Box

4-inch Rack System

7-inch Rack System

Supreme Grease Containment System

Rooftop 360 Grease Containment System

Deluxe Wall Mount System

The Grease Gutter High Capacity System is designed for use in high grease discharge applications. The Omni Containment System Grease Gutter High Capacity is the perfect solution for high discharge fans where four-sided protection is needed. The High Capacity Grease Gutter will accommodate the higher volume of grease produced by charbroiling and heavily used fryers. It has a compact design with an eight-inch trough and is made from the same durable polymers as the original. The High Capacity Grease Gutter uses a simple combination of efficient grease absorbing pads to suit high discharge applications without failure. The additional capacity will also decrease the frequency of the filter changes.

Note: is important to have the best Rooftop Grease Containment System solution to have your rooftop save but is also important to have the right hood filters on your hood system to collect grease cooking oil before hits your roof.