12" Super Hinge - Quick Fit Version

2" Super Hinge - Quick Fit Version

  • Satisfies any “hold-open retainer” requirements.
  • One-man installation.
  • Quick and easy to install (1 hour or less)
  • Can be installed with the motor running

QF-12 (provides 6" of coverage)
Proper Size of Fan Base 8"-12"

In order to provide effective support and to safely hinge an exhaust fan using any Super Hinge exhaust fan hanging system, we highly recommend that you choose a model which supports anywhere from 2/3 to the entire fan base. 

By following the sizing guidelines, you not only ensure safe support of the thin material of the fan base, you also eliminate flexing and bending of the fan base which can compromise the seal between the bottom of the fan and the duct it is mounted to. Failure to do so greatly increases the risk of damaged fan bases, inefficient exhaust draw due to vacuum leaks, grease seepage and personal injury due to the fan base or hanging failure.