Access Armor Duct Access Door Panel

Product Description

Access Armor is a duct access door designed for easy install,
removal for inspection, and maintenance-free re-installation of
commercial exhaust duct doors. Access Armor Doors are available
for high heat food processing ducts or commercial HVAC systems.
The objective of the Access Armor Doors is for easy install and
use. All components are mechanically integrated together to
prevent the loss of components. Basic use is to provide an access
door in commercial ductwork for the purpose of inspection and
dealing with grease, dust, and potential fire hazards.

Composition and Materials
Access Armor’s main panel construction is an 11 gauge, high-grade 304 stainless steel plate. The 11 gauge stainless steel panel
is laser cut to exact dimensions that meet or exceed any existing
a requirement for access doors.

Dual Gasket System
Two gaskets are used with grease or restaurant applications.
The first gasket is a neoprene, compressed, black-out seal that
compresses between the door and ductwork, creating an airtight
seal eliminating vacuum or air leak issues.
The second, outer ceramic fire gasket, rated at 2300 degrees F, is
for the prevention of fire transfer into the duct beyond the general
path of the existing duct system.


● Models available for commercial HVAC as well as restaurant
● Made in the USA with a high grade 304 stainless steel
● Easiest access door on the market to install and operate
● Patented cam-lock design eliminates misplacing fastening
● Exceeds NFPA heat and material thickness requirements
● This product is listed to applicable UL Standards and
requirements by UL
● 2300 degree fire rating
● Available in several sizes


● AA9x12UL: 9 × 12 inches (octagon) stainless UL rated
access panel
● AA12x15UL: 12 × 15 inches (octagon) stainless UL rated
access panel
● AA15x18UL: 15 × 18 inches (octagon) stainless UL rated
access panel
● AA23x23UL: 23 × 23 inches (octagon) stainless UL rated
access panel
● AA9x36UL:  9 × 36 inches (octagon) stainless UL rated
scraper panel provides additional room for scraping solid
fats, oils, and grease, (FOG), off the inside of the ductwork
● AA Fire Hold Shield: Access Armor fire wrap hold down