Deluxe Wall Mount System for Side Mount Fans

The Wall Mount System is designed for Wall-Mounted Fans. This system comes with a; 21" wide deflector shield, 7" rack (with 2 Pillows), 1 rack mount, and necessary screws. The custom manufactured filter fits inside the 7" grease containment system. The grease is encapsulated into the filters. After the initial installation of the Wall Mount System, only the filters need to be replaced during regularly scheduled cleanings depending on the volume of the restaurant. The filters are easily disposed of.

This system is intended for use on a wall mounted fan.  Included are an Oversized Deflector Pan, 21" Wide x 34" Long Deflector Shield, 7" Rack (with 2 Pillows) and a 7" Rack Mounting Bracket. NOTE: YOU WILL NEED TO PROVIDE YOUR OWN MOUNTING SCREWS AS WE CAN'T DETERMINE THE SURFACE YOU'LL BE MOUNTING TO. 

 Deluxe Wall Mount Installation