Disposable Pail Grease Filter

The Grease Trap Pail System is a commonly used solution for grease containment. The Pail Filter System adapts to the grease drain found in many different styles and models of exhaust fans.

On average, the Pail should be replaced after regular hood cleanings depending on the volume of the restaurant. The adapter and hose remain intact, while the new Pail is connected.  This makes re-installation fast and easy.

It is very easy and clean to take the Pail off or onto the roof making it a great fit for contractors and hood cleaners. The Pail System has the custom manufactured filter inside. The Pail also has 16 drain holes allowing water to pass through it at a high volume while the Grease is captured inside. So water passes through and grease stays inside.

During cleanings, hood cleaners are encouraged to keep the Pail connected to the drain and "wash the dirty water and grease through the old filter while cleaning" and before installing a new filter. This will help prevent a dirty mess and EPA violations.

NOTE:  An adapter and hose extension is required to plumb the pail