Exhaust Fan Interceptor



The Exhaust Fan Interceptor 360™ (EFI™) is designed to capture fats, oils, and grease without the need for power or a filter medium. The patent-pending  EFI™ is the only product on the market that not only processes rainwater, allowing it to escape freely but facilitates wash water to recover during servicing.

Each unit will:

  • Prevent 600 gallons of caustic chemicals from entering the storm system per year (Based on a quarterly exhaust cleaning schedule)
  • Allow unlimited amounts of rain to escape the fan without flooding grease onto the roof
  • Prevent early roof replacement
  • Keep your roof and area presentable for fire inspections
  • Prevent oil tracking /spreading
  • Be Fire Safe
  • Digest and handle all the grease you can possibly cook up
  • Will capture grease release from exhaust fans – all types of fats, grease, and oils will be captured and allow only water to escape
  • Will work in all weather conditions

Built to last a lifetime

  • Material SX 304 Stainless steel – 17 Gauge (0.058′)
  • Oil receptacle capacity 1 gallon (4 liters)
  • Liquid Capacity 7.1 gallons (27 liters)
  • Maximum Oil capacity before the failure of 6.1 Gallons (23 liters)
  • Each unit delivered includes:
    • Adjustable mounting plate
    • Deflection plate
    • 8 pieces of self-tapping screws

This is an Omni earth-friendly product. Proudly made in the USA.