Hi-Capacity Grease Gutter

The Grease Gutter High Capacity System is designed for use in high volume / high grease discharge applications.

This item is the perfect solution for high discharge fans where four-sided protection is needed. The High Capacity Grease Gutter will accommodate the higher volume of grease produced by charbroiling and heavily used fryers. It has a compact design with an 8" trough and is made from the same durable polymers as the original Grease Gutter.

The High Capacity Grease Gutter uses a simple combination of efficient grease absorbing pads to suit high discharge applications without fail. The additional capacity will also decrease the frequency of filter changes.

  • Comes in four 36" lengths that can cover about 40" since the corners slide in and out
  • Custom sizing is available with lengths up to 12 feet.  Please call for pricing.
  • Durable 8" trough
  • Reduces Fire Risk and Rooftop Damage
  • Protects the Environment
  • Made in the USA
  • Made with UL Approved Materials
  • Easy to Replace, One Piece Absorbant Grease Filter (Grease Boom)
  • Mounts Off of the Roof to Avoid Hidden Contact Damage
  • Compact Design Doesn't Interfere with Service Providers
  • Economical to Purchase and Maintain
  • Includes 1 (one) fill more boom