Roof Guardian Grease Containment System

Begin defending your rooftop from grease with Off The Roof protection!  Stop using old technology that hides grease under layers of filters that sit on your roof. The Roof Guardian™ sits on the roof via four corner legs with multiple support legs in the center and provides a 360-degree protection around the exhaust fan.  This system sits two inches off of the rooftop to allow inspection of the roof between service intervals.


  • The Roof Guardian™ helps to keep fats, oils, and grease off of roofs
  • The Roof Guardian™ also helps keep fats, oils, and grease from contaminating rooftop wastewater runoff
  • It provides off-the-roof protection which makes preventative maintenance much easier
  • The Roof Guardian™ is fire-resistant and assists an exhaust system in attaining NFPA 96 compliance; provided all other components of the system are compliant and correctly installed.

The Roof Guardian™ has a state of the art five-layered grease filtration system with a bottom layer dedicated to fire prevention to help keep your roof safe and grease-free. The Roof Guardian™ replacement filters are available in all sizes to accommodate ANY BRAND of roof-mounted ventilator grease containment systems. The Roof Guardian™ grease filter system can be used in any Grease Guard® Roof Defense System®. Omni Containment will honor the MFG warranty when using Roof Guardian™ filters.