Standard Super Hinge

Standard Super Hinge (18", 24", 30", 36", 42")


The patented Super Hinge™ provides access to rooftop up-blast exhaust fans and is the ONLY patented NFPA 96 compliant fan hinge on the market. Hinged up-blast exhaust fans are required for commercial exhaust systems to be NFPA 96 compliant. The NFPA 96 requirements state the following code for hinging compliance:

  • One-man installation.
  • Quick and easy to install (1 hour or less)
  • Can be installed with the motor running
  • Hinged commercial up-blast exhaust fans are required for compliance
  • Service hold-open retainers are required

Standard Super Hinge: 18, 24, 30, 36, 42 and 48-inch sizes has an L-bracket on the top support arm that helps to reinforce damaged upblast fans or support heavy fan weight distribution


The Super Hinge™ Service Hold Open Retention System is patented and built into all variations of the Super Hinge™ Fan Hinge System and are manufactured with durable materials at our factory in the USA.

  • Allows for single-person opening of an up-blast exhaust fan
  • Creates a more stable foundation for fan opening
  • Creates a safer working environment
  • The built-in service hold-open retainer secures the hinge into a locked position during servicing
  • Creates a more secure seal and better airflow
  • Prolongs the life of fan by reinforcing the base of the fan