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Omni Containment System is an evolution of an idea that started in 1985. Kevin Chwala, our founder and chief product designer, was an early pioneer in the industry of grease containment. Today, Omni continues to innovate for the kitchen exhaust cleaning industry. Omni holds six patents all related to the procession facilities around the world and thought our network of over 900 distribution and service partners, offer the most comprehensive line of NFPA96 compliant grease containment and containment support productions in the world.

Rooftop grease containment is a pivotal piece mitigating rooftop damage and maintaining safety. Proper grease containment cannot be managed by the grease catch on a factory upblast fan or industrial set fan, which is why we have five distinct and specific rooftop grease containment systems. Each system is designed with specific restaurant circumstances in mind, making sure that the proper solution is available and affordable fo any grease containment need.

Omni Containment System design products that enable our clients to exceed their fats, oils and grease containment and mechanical need with cost-effective and environmentally responsible solutions. All of our products are proudly made in America.

All Omni products are designed and build with our environment in mind. Our hydrophobic filter technology helps with EPA wastewater compliance and wastewater pollutant mitigation. Omni also produces its products with recycled materials.